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I love taking photos

... just for fun

and I want to share them privately

  • With a supporter account you can password-protect your galleries and share them privately
  • Only people with the password can view your photos
  • You can have private discussions about your photos too

and I want to show them to the world

  • With a free account you can start uploading photos right away
  • People can rate your photos and give you feedback

and I'd love to get some feedback on my photos

With a free account you can

  • upload photos and receive feedback

With a supporter account you can

  • take part in the discussion too

and I need somewhere to back-up my photos!

With a supporter account you can

  • access the high-res versions of your photos
  • and upload them in bulk, too
  • We never share your high-res files with anyone except you

The fine print...

  • We have to share your high res photos with the print lab if someone orders a print, but we never publish your high res images on the site - except to you when you log in.

... to make photography my living

I'm just starting out

A supporter account is a very cheap way to

  • get your portfolio online
  • have an off-site back-up
  • be critiqued by other photographers, and
  • password-protect your clients' photos

A professional account is an excellent way to

  • outsource your print sales, saving you time (which is definitely money!)
  • offer a secure, online credit card payment facility to your clients
  • reach a wider audience of prospective customers (because sharing your work is as easy as sending a link)
  • earn a fair mark-up for your work! (because we have great rates, and you control your pricing!)
  • and all that is in addition to the supporter account features listed above.

I'm a portrait photographer

With a professional account you can

  • password-protect your clients' photos
  • let your clients share the password with their friends and family
    • Which makes it far easier for more people to order prints
    • Which generates more income for you, with no extra work
  • And Shutter Zoo will manage your customers' orders: printing, shipping and enquiries

I'm a wedding photographer

With a professional account you can

  • Distribute your entire photo shoot to your client in no time
  • Let your clients share the link to their photos - even on the wedding invitations!
    • This means they don't have to wait for their printed package before showing people the wedding photos
    • They don't have to schedule to meet up with all their guests ... after the honeymoon
    • And there's a much greater chance the guests will order prints - in addition to your client's package
    • (And you don't even have to worry about the ordering process!)

I shoot events like sporting competitions

With a professional account you can

  • Match thousands of photos with hundreds of customers really easily
    • Organise your photos into folders on your own computer using tools you're familiar with - for example, by event or time
    • Zip up all the files
    • And upload the entire event in one batch
  • Our servers will...
    • Unpack your images
    • Create galleries to match your folders
    • And create low-resolution web-viewable versions of your photos in the galleries
  • Once the images are ready, your clients can browse to their hearts' content
    • Our shortlist feature lets them collect together all the photos that might be of interest, and then decide later which prints to order

I'm a news reporter

With a professional account you can

  • Generate additional revenue from your reportage:
  • If your contract with the publications that publish your photos allow, you can
    • Host your portfolio on Shutter Zoo
    • Making it available for anyone in Australia to buy prints!
  • If you work with your publishers so they advertise the link to your gallery, you can drive up traffic to your portfolio, increasing sales.

I'm a stock photographer

With a professional account you can

  • Offer your work for sale in print format, and
  • Your entire portfolio can be online for sale for as long as you keep an open account
  • Note that Shutter Zoo does not offer digital versions of photographs for sale, however

I prefer to browse photos

I love chatting about them

With a free account you can

  • Rate people's photos (give them a thumbs up)
  • Comment on photos
  • And contact the photographer privately

I just love viewing them

Go for it!

  • You don't even need to sign up!

I just want to order prints

With a free account you can

  • Upload your pics, and
  • Order prints!

The fine print...

  • Your galleries are public
  • Other members can order prints
  • But you can remove your prints after you order
  • And a supporter account will let you password-protect your images and upload them in bulk

I can't find what I'm after anywhere else on this page

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