The following quotes all come from feedback which has been given to our partner print service.

Whether they're my personal happy snaps or my professional wedding and portrait images I always get the same high quality results and excellent service

I always feel that my photos are as important to them as they are to me and that attitude has been consistent over many years.

I keep coming back not only because of their good record but also because they keep improving their service all the time ... I have occassionaly ventured to other labs but none have lived up to [their] reliable high standards.

Your efforts have always been appreciated and you are one of the few businesses these days that can be credited with having such an outstanding service.

-- Lily Zdilar, Photojournalist

I got 2 sets of photos done of our new baby - one set through a local department store, and the other at [Shutter Zoo's printer]. Even though they were more expensive, they were way better. The only problem is I sent the good set over to my sister in the UK - now I have to go and get another set done because the department store ones are just not worth it!

-- Rachel, proud mum

As a professional wedding and family photographer with a discerning clientele, I require a level of excellence that is met and constantly surpassed by the team

Their level of expertise shows in every image they produce for me.

Always willing to move forward, the lab is armed with the latest FUJI FRONTIER printer. Combine this with [their] extensive knowledge of correction for the colour, sharpness, lighting, etc of every image that passes through the lab, and what you get is nothing short of amazing!

This is [their] major point of difference that separates them from their competition: the fact that they take the time and care to correct each and every image that passes through the machine.

After 19yrs in business I've learnt that to be successful it's not enough to just supply your customers with a great product, one has to back this up with fantastic customer service. Their team of professionals are always eager to please and are always looking for new ways to improve every aspect of the business.

I highly recommend this lab to the layman and professional alike.

-- Mark Newcombe, Photography Artist

As a Professional Photographer, it is vital for me to use a reliable lab, and they has never failed me.

The colours are always spot on, the staff are always helpful and go out of their way with my often-time consuming demands, to make sure the job is perfect.

I drive from the Southern Highlands to use them so you can see how highly I rate them. A top quality, efficient lab, run by professional staff dedicated to making sure each and every job is done to the highest standard..

-- Martin Bult, Martin Bult Photography

I followed [them] from [their] previous employment, because the quality and consistency of the printing [they] produced was so essential to my business. This exceptional quality and customer service is why all of my processing needs are still done by this great team.

Thanks for all the wonderful Award winning prints that you have done for me and the extremely satisfied customers that continue to use me as a photographer.

-- Garry Brettel, GIB Photography

Universal Rocks is a growing company that manufactures a wide range of polyurethane water features. To ensure a quality presentation of our products to prospective clients it is imperative that our photo presentation becomes a huge marketing tool for us.

I have personally had the pleasure of dealing with the team for the past 18 months. Their professionalism in the field is "second to none".

They produce for Universal Rocks, sharp and crisp colour corrections on images of our water features [that] I believe are of first quality. Many clients often comment on our photos and ask where we get them developed.

Universal Rocks is extremely grateful for having [them] provide us with all that is required for our specific field. An old saying is "every picture tells a story" and they create that reality in quality photo presentations for Universal Rocks.

-- Craig Sinclair, Universal Rocks

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