About Shutter Zoo

Shutter Zoo is an Australian, online photo sharing website with print services.

We got tired of photo sharing websites that wouldn't let you order prints, photo printing websites that wouldn't let you share, and sites that claimed you could make a profit selling prints, but took the lion's share of the sale amount.

We wanted to build Australia's best photo sharing website - one that's fun, easy to use (whether casually or professionally), lets you buy prints and lets photographers make a realistic margin on their professional work.

... and you get: Shutter Zoo!


Both casual users and professional users will find something they'll appreciate on Shutter Zoo.

With a free account you can upload your photos, chat about them, give them a thumbs up and buy prints from anywhere on the site. Best of all, free accounts are, well, free! :)

With a supporter account you can password-protect your galleries and access your high-resolution photos. Shutter Zoo becomes your offsite photo backup solution.

With a professional account you can upload in bulk, host your portfolio and sell prints online for profit (and we mean a realistic profit!)


Just browse around the site and enjoy the photos!

You can create a shortlist of photos that interest you. If you'd like to order prints or upload your own photos then we ask you to open a free account.


In addition to browsing the site, you can now upload photos, add descriptions, organise them into galleries, rate and discuss anyone's photos on the site and send links to your friends for any gallery or image.

You can also purchase prints from anywhere on the site - your own photos, or others you like.

To buy prints, add them to your shortlist. Make sure the images you want printed are ticked, then click "Buy checked items". (The link is at the bottom of the shortlist.) This will take you through the checkout process, where you can specify the types of print products you would like.

Once your payment is successful, we will print your photos and mail them to you.


As a supporter you can password-protect your galleries and gain access to download your high resolution images.


Shutter Zoo prides itself on having one of the best reputations in the business for quality print products.

Professionals are able to upload images in bulk. Once uploaded, the Shutter Zoo website will create web versions of your photos (i.e. small, low-resolution, watermarked). What could be simpler?

Your high resolution images are never released through the website - they are only used for printing.

Once you have chosen the print products you'll make available for your photos, and set your pricing, you can begin sharing your galleries with your clients.

When your clients (or even other visitors to the site) buy your prints, we will retain a portion of the sale price as our service fee. This covers our costs for printing, shipping and running the Shutter Zoo website. The rest of the sale amount is yours! (And we think you'll find our pricing very reasonable!)

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